November 1, 2023

SALAM Research - About Us

SALAM Research is an independent research business located in New Hampshire.

Steven Maimes, principal of SALAM Research, is a 
writer and philosopher.

SALAM Research strives to find balance using research

SALAM means peace. The word “balance” is similar to peace.
In our actions we seek peace and balance.
Research is a careful or diligent search; a studious inquiry or examination aimed
at the discovery and interpretation of facts which may result in revision of accepted
theories or laws in the light of new facts; the collecting of information
about a particular subject...

The goal of SALAM Research is finding peace, the process is research.
Recherche de SALAM   -   SALAM Forschung   -   Investigación del SALAM


SALAM Research is a registered trade name by Steven Maimes.
SALAM Research also does health/supplement research and sales of health products
under the name Nature’s Alchemy

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