October 9, 2018

Steven Maimes - Writings

Links to Writings by Steven Maimes

Fragments Within Time – Book Information PDF
Information and selected excerpts from the book. Includes interview. 2019

Realm of Holy Imagination
Exploration of holy imagination -- touching upon areas of spirituality, time, reality, soul, religion, scripture, memory, poetry, Shlomo Carlebach... 2015

Is There a Jewish Theology or Not?
Judaism is the religion, philosophy, and way of life of the Jewish people...Theology is the study of God and of revelation...For the Jewish believers in God, Jewish theology is alive and can and should be discussed more often. 2013

Maimes Report on Holy Basil
This report was written to advance understanding of the uses and benefits of the herb holy basil (Ocimum sanctum). This version was written in 2004 and updated information is found in the book: ADAPTOGENS. 2004