December 1, 2023

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Fragments Within Time by Steven Maimes 

This small book contains 240 short and concise writings on such topics as meaning, reality, imagination, and time. It presents ideas and insights to be mulled over and thought upon. These fragments are both philosophical and literary. As philosophical, they present ideas that question and seek depth. As literary, they can be considered complete as a highly constructed aesthetic form like poetry. 

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Excerpts from Fragments
We are always on a journey whether we know it or not. Our journey is to any place different from where we are now.

What makes things valuable? We set our own criteria. Often it is time and memories with people and things that makes value. What was valuable yesterday may be worthless today. Our perspective is unique in time.

History is an example and warning to the future. Knowing the past helps one to anticipate the future thus enhance the present.

The act of imagining allows us to expand time and touch the past. It allows us to play in the present and glimpse the future. It helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge. It is a fundamental facility through which we make sense of the world.

The world is constantly upgrading. The question becomes how slow or fast do we participate? With the speed of angels does awareness change. We hold on to thoughts until the next one appears. We act with awareness or not.

Reviews posted on Amazon

 -- This is a small book that is worth taking the time to savor and enjoy. It reflects the author’s ideas and insights on meaning and reality, imagination and time, and is sure to provoke and incite your own thoughts and beliefs. The short fragments are easy to read and are best enjoyed taken slowly and thoughtfully. The text flows nicely and is a valuable addition to the collection of anyone seeking to understand the universe and their place within it. -JR

 -- These Fragments are delightful sparks of light and intelligence. In a few sentences, the author opens wide our mind. He spreads seeds and lets us be free to agree or not, keep thinking or not. As concise and powerful as poetry, every chapter is a jewel. A wonderful book to read and read again, to bring everywhere and, of course, to offer to everyone. Even to unknown people. To sow or not to sow, that is the question... -CG

 -- I love this wonderful, beautifully written little book! It’s a perfect companion for anyone who ponders the deeper aspects of life. -AD

 -- Steven Maimes describes all manner of Human Realm Concepts and experiences with a clarity that I found spiritually reassuring. You will find a pinpointed light on many relevant ideas when you read this work. -TDC

Discovering Timeless Unity With 'Fragments In Time'
    Author Steven Maimes’ book ‘Fragments Within Time’ immediately reveals what a reader can expect when they ponder through its plethora of ideas; that is, distinct experiences, understandings and perceptions within a framework of constantly changing, evolving ideas which spontaneously occur throughout life -- moment by moment -- in time and place, according to the circumstances at hand. This is something we can all relate to the human experience. Fragments spark our imagination and curiosity to uncover what the author’s life experiences have been matched with our own.
    The author takes us further, even beyond diverse ideas and reflections, and addresses ‘eternal’ reality, also constant but ‘that’ which does not change ever. For this reason these writings can be approached and appreciated by anyone who is immersed in life’s practicalities and worldliness, as well as by anyone interested in life’s deeper meanings, touching upon subjects such as spirituality, philosophy, religion, physics and really all disciplines that can be understood in terms of one underlying universal truth. Maimes leaves it up to the readers to explore, discern and decide for themselves what is relevant and true in their experiences.
    The specialty I experience with ‘Fragments’ is its CONCENTRATED POTENCY in expressing each seed idea. Rather than a book intended to be read like a story with plot, development, conflicts and resolution, Maimes has given readers something new. He has presented an array of literally hundreds of thought-provoking and soul-searching perspectives to explore, discover and realize more about ourselves and life – to examine what’s really important amongst the myriad of events and experiences we encounter every day.
    Readers may also wish to savor these ideas silently and independently; slowly, one at a time, as a kind of meditation. These writings are, after all, the synthesis of a lifetime of the author’s experiences, continuously flourishing…and are being offered now as seasoned Fragments In Time, ripe fruit that can be gently plucked, tasted and enjoyed. - GR