January 12, 2019

New Book - Coming in Early 2019

Fragments Within Time by Steven Maimes 

This small book contains 240 short and concise writings on such topics as meaning, reality, imagination, and time. They present ideas and insights to be mulled over and thought upon. As a style, these writings are both philosophical and literary. As philosophical, they present ideas that question and seek depth. As literary, they can be considered complete as a highly constructed aesthetic form. These writings exist to be experienced like poetry. They are symbolic for a moment in time.

Excerpts from Fragments

We are always on a journey whether we know it or not. Our journey is to any place different from where we are now.

What makes things valuable? We set our own criteria. Often it is time and memories with people and things that makes value. What was valuable yesterday may be worthless today. Our perspective is unique in time.

History is an example and warning to the future. Knowing the past helps one to anticipate the future thus enhance the present.

The act of imagining allows us to expand time and touch the past. It allows us to play in the present and glimpse the future. It helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge. It is a fundamental facility through which we make sense of the world.

The world is constantly upgrading. The question becomes how slow or fast do we participate? With the speed of angels does awareness change. We hold on to thoughts until the next one appears. We act with awareness or not.